Battle of the Copywriters – VIDEO REPLAY!

In case you didn’t catch it live: last spring, I wrangled with 3 fab wordsmiths in the epic Battle of the Copywriters. Missed it? Don’t cry! You can join in on the the fun, and catch all the action ringside, right here: It was a a fight to the death (of bad copy) with […]

Expectations: the great creative hurdle

  A friend of mine (a poet at heart) recently told me he was trying to write a poem, but hadn’t drafted anything he considered worthwhile. Or anything at all, really. His reason? He had his heart set on writing a 30-line sonnet. And he hadn’t been able to pull it off yet. Uh… what? […]

The Big C: how to take it, how to give it, and how to make the most of it

One of the tougher sides (or “awesomeness-builders”, for those of you feeling extra positive today) of the word biz is that you’ve gotta get comfy with The Big C. Criticism. Ok, before everyone hops aboard their proverbial high horses: I don’t hate criticism. If you wan’t to get technical, I can’t hate it. I need […]

My 1st year of business: a goofy tale told in GIFs

(Please give your computer a sec to load this! It’s trying as hard as it can.) Once upon a time, there was a me. It was October 2011. Cassie and I had just launched the Youngblood Sourcery website, and our first client requests began slipping into our inboxes. Little did I know, the first few […]