My name is Hillary Weiss.

Writer. Reader. Chatterbox. Tropical NYC transplant.
One-woman pop culture peanut gallery.

I pen high-selling words for clients around the globe who hit me up for a very specific reason: they want to be heard – more clearly, creatively, and powerfully than ever.

Because these days, content’s gotta be better than “good”. Leading brands create evocative experiences – with smart, succinct phrasing that blasts through the echochamber of our digital universe.

So that’s what I’m here to help you do – with a killer combo of deep listening (to you & your people), keen ears & eyes for innovation, and an unshakeable allergy to ho-hum formulas.

It’s been my specialty since 2011. And damn, do I love my job.

But every story starts somewhere, right?

So here’s mine:

BORN: by the blistering beaches and azure waters of South Florida. British Mum & Doctor Dad.

RAISED: under permanent-summer skies – book, pen, and paper never far away. Infinitely curious about the world and the web and the mysterious power of communication.

BACKGROUND: got my start in PR & marketing. Dipped my toes into the fashion, luxury lifestyle, travel, small biz, nonprofit, and sports industries – but always felt something was missing. Discovered copywriting, and that “something” was found. Fell in everlasting love with the wordy industry.

BIG DREAMS: found writing work with a few content creator heroes (by sheer luck.) Blew a bye bye kiss to the agency world and went to seek my fortune. Combined forces with dope design mind Cassie. Launched as digital media magic makers Youngblood Sourcery. Had many dance parties.

BOLD MOVES: sold my Mini Cooper named Florence & left FL for NYC. Shifted my biz model to intensive-only style – working with clients one at a time, over 1, 3, and 5 days. Met a lot of great people.  Did a few goofy interviews. Acquired a (really cute) cat. Wrecked some keyboards.

CH-CH-CHANGES: years passed, and projects + clients expanded and multiplied. Acquired a taste for brand voice styling. Do-si-doed my biz model (again.) Made better jokes. Lovingly split from YBS. Plotted workshops + world domination. Decided to eat more kale. Launched this website.


I’m here to push the envelope of traditional content rules and rhythms, alongside brands switching it up in their respective industries.

Let’s make art.
Let’s make money.
Let’s leave the planet better than when we found it.


Hillary Weiss is the chief copywriter, ghostwriter, and mischief-maker over at Since 2011, she’s helped over 150 brands find their voice, and get seen & heard with content that truly speaks their language, and fits their phenomenal work. Because words that lift hearts, ignite minds, and get results can do more than just change your business – they can change the world too.

Wanna know more? Catch her riffs on creativity and the art of writing on her blog, or you say whaddaaap! to her on Twitter @hcweiss.

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